OGLC Committees and Teams  2018
Standing Committees
Finance Committee:
Chairperson: Carmie Dambach (724.624.4243)
Council Rep.: Tracy Collins
Committee Members: Kathy Westerman, Marcia Heymann, Bill Smith,  Don Stoebe
Ex-officio members: Charen Bennett (Treasurer); Ron Goehring (Financial Secretary)

Social Ministries committee:
Chairperson: Vivian Leonberg (724.774.5967)
Council Rep.: Tracy Shaffer (412.230.6314)
Committee Members: Lynn Goehring, Carol James, Pam Steeb, Gloria Yount, Katie Furbee

Mutual Ministries Committee:
Chairperson: Lois Smith (724.494.0678)
Council Rep.: Barb Minzenberg
Committee Members: Patty Scheck, Charen Bennett, Tom Applequist, John Hoymann

Music and Worship Committee:
Chairperson:  Ruth Goehring
Council Rep.: Ruth Goehring (724.847.7995)
Committee Members: Charen Bennett, Patty Scheck, Ron Goehring, Daine Grunnagle, Pr. Dave Saylor,

Property Committee:
Chairperson: Bill Bennett (724.584.2422)
Council Rep.: Ollie Dambach
Committee Members: Dan Yount, Ed. Grunnagle

Christian Education Committee:
Chairperson:  Barb Minzenburg (412.848.8429)
Council Rep.:Barb Minzenburg (412.848.8429) & Tracy Shaffer 412-230-6314
Committee Members: Becca Schomburg, Lois Sprague, Wetauna Cypher, Gloria Yount, Tricia Chrsitman, Carol Saylor, Patty Scheck, Roberta Schomburg,

Evangelization Committee:
Chairperson:  Karen Wappler (412.638.4807)
Council Rep.: Bill Smith
Committee members: Tauna Perenovich, Ron Goehring Michele Kaczmarczyk

Fellowship Committee:
Chairperson:  Carol Saylor
Council Rep. : Carol Saylor
Committee Members: Ruth, Lynn Goehring, Barb Stoebe, Ashley Spencer

Stewardship Committee:
Chairperson:  Tricia Christman
Council Rep.: Don Stoebe
Committee members: Carol James

Other Committees, Teams, and Task Forces
OGLC Cemetery:
Overseers: Diane & Ed Grunnagle (724.584.0341)
Council Rep.: Zelda Smith (724.622.6316)
Committee members: Dave & Sue Rape

WELCA (Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
OGLC WELCA Leadership
President: Charen Bennett
Vice-President: Pat Scheck
Secretary: Tracy Shaffer
Treasurer: Cindy Smeltzer
Members: The women of Oak Grove Lutheran Church

Altar Guild:
Chairpersons: Carol James (724.843.5037) and Lynn Goehring (724.452.4203)
Sacristans: Marcia Heymann, Sharon Hoyman, Carmie Dambach, Wetauna Cypher, Charen Bennett, Pam Steeb

Fall Festival:
Chairperson: Tauna Perenovich (412.389.6709)
Treasurer: Carmie Dambach
Members: The people of Oak Grove Lutheran Church

Raising Faithful Families:
Committee members: Barb Minzenberg, Roberta Schomburg, Tricia Christman, Katie Furbee

5K Planning Committee (Made up of Multiple Area Churches): 
Jen Hessler, Pr. Nathaniel Christman

Church Website:
Ron Goehring (

Rodney & Tauna Perenovich

Youth Group

Christmas Season Children's Pageant

Children's Pageant Christmas 2017.

Oak Grove Youth Group

The Theses of the Oak Grove

Confirmation Youth
October 31, 2011. We don't have an active youth group. We want one! We'd like fun, group activities that we can invite our friends to.
2. We would like the interest and support of our congregation in having a Youth Group (including asking us about what we're doing, participating as able & with resources).
3. We would like a greater variety of worship opportunities and experiences, like outdoor worship, midnight mass and vigils at times like Christmas and Easter campfires, etc.
4. We'd like more instruments in worship like during the opening and closing, offering, and communion. We also really miss the choir. (like the Acorn Choir sang or kids played their instruments on special days)
5. We would really like to see our community at church doing fun things together, like going to bonfires, Halloween parties or other fun stuff.
6. The people need to feel more welcome like they belong at our church. Why not Greeters at all the entrances? We'd be happy to help!
7. The internet in important to us for communications and information sharing. We'd like to update our page and include a special Youth Page and face book Fan Page.
8. We have a vision for Oak Grove that we want to share. We'd like an active Sunday School, Youth Group, and Activities because wed like a place we can see (and then actually) bring our children and grandchildren to.


The crew helping to pick up litter on Powell Road in Cranberry Township. The congregation cleans the road twice a year as part of the Oak Grove congregation's continuing service to the life of our community! During the recent cleanup day on October 2017 the crew collected over 10 bags of garbage on Powell Road.

Property committee April 2016

Christian Education
Christian Ed Committee Fall 2017
Vacation Bible School (June 2017)