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8/6/2017   Beaver County Times OGLC Community Garden Story Download
12/2/2018   December Nutshell 2018 Download
1/31/2019   OGLC Strategic Targets 2019 Download
1/10/2019   Amendments to the Model Constitution Download
4/21/2019   ANNOUNCEMENTS (4.21.2019) Download
3/24/2019   BVCS flyer Lent_2019 Download
1/24/2019   Committee -and- Team Info 2019. Download
2/5/2017   Committee Descriptions Download
2/24/2019   March 2019 calendar Download
5/1/2019   May 2019 Calendar Download
11/25/2018   OGLC Annual Budget Meeting Minutes-11.25.18 Download
1/13/2019   OGLC Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes-1.13.18 ( Download
1/10/2019   Revised -and- Synod Approved Changes to the Constitution. Download
4/14/2019   the passion of our lord jesus christ.pdf Download